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Donte Means


A little about DM..

DM: short for Donte Means

Visuals: A picture, piece of film, or display used to illustrate or accompany something.

NC: North Carolina

I was born & raised in North Carolina, I am a former athlete.. my talents took me all the way to college to play D2 football.

When an injury brought my college athletic career to a halt I stepped into a videography position for the team..

I made it through several surgeries & came back from an injury that I was not supposed to return from.. I also uncovered a passion for creating. When I say creating I don’t just mean taking videos, writing music, etc.. I was in love with the idea of creating my own reality!! I had a new view on the world & life.

Life is about decisions, I made the decision to bet on myself & my vision… in 2016 DM-Visuals was born.

From there I began the journey to what you see today… a lot of blood, sweat, & tears behind this thing that may look easy!

This journey has endured many ups & downs, wins & lessons, good & bad times.. I’m still striving & grateful through it all.

I am grateful for you all who support this brand & vision.

Peace & blessings #dmvisualsfamily

Donte Means